$2 Million Dollar Wrongful Death Settlement

On July 12, 2011, Jeneene Hook was bit by a dog that she was walking in the park.  That night, Jeneene Hook became septic and was rushed to Advocate Good Shepard Hospital.  After a long hospital stay, Jeneene needed to have her feet amputated. The amputation procedure went without complication.  After the amputation, however, Jeneene was in significant pain.  Her attending physician gave Jeneene a large dose of pain medication.  The nursing staff at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital failed to monitor her vital signs and failed to have her on a cardiac and O2 monitor.  Jeneene subsequently died of a narcotic overdose.  The death could have been prevented had proper monitoring of her vital signs been performed.  Mr. Hook was the only surviving next of kin.  Advocate Lutheran General Health System paid $1.7 million dollars and the homeowner’s insurance for the owner of the dog paid $300,000.  Bradley Z. Schulman and Robert J. Napleton represented Mr. Hook.